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BagIt (Voorkeurstitel)

BagIt File Packaging Format (Alternatieve titel)

rfc 8493 (Alternatieve titel)

BagIt is a hierarchical file packaging format designed to support disk-based or network-based storage and transfer of arbitrary digital content. A bag consists of a "payload" and "tags". The content of the payload is the custodial focus of the bag and is treated as semantically opaque. The "tags" are metadata files intended to facilitate and document the storage and transfer of the bag. The name, BagIt, is inspired by the "enclose and deposit" method [ENCDEP], sometimes referred to as "bag it and tag it". Implementors of BagIt tools should consider interoperability between different platforms, operating systems, toolsets, and languages. Differences in path separators, newline characters, reserved file names, and maximum path lengths are all possible barriers to moving bags between different systems. Discussion of these issues may be found in the Interoperability section of this document.