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Iteratie 2

Installed features

  • SMTP server configured. Notifications after ingestion are sent to defined users.
  • An ingest workflow that allows the user to manually validate the AIP before acceptance.
  • Plugin to submit AIP to meemoo (D11).
  • Plugin to prune AIP representations if the AIP has been successfully archived in meemoo API (D12).
  • Plugin to restore pruned AIP representations from meemoo API (D13).
  • Meemoo metadata file to keep synchronisation status (D11, D12, D13).
  • Sidecar generator using AIP indexed information (D11).
  • A repository-level preservation event when an AIP is submitted in meemoo API (D11).
  • A repository-level preservation event when AIP representations are pruned from RODA (D12).
  • A repository-level preservation event when representations are restored to RODA via meemoo API (D13).
  • Installed additional off-the-shelf plugins: Office documents conversion (unoconv), Image conversion (imagemagick), Create E-ARK AIP manifest files (METS.xml).


  • Removed "submit to meemoo" step from ingest workflow.
    • The AIP was sent to Meemoo without the preservation event “ingest end”. This problem occurred because the ingestion workflow provided the option to send the AIP to Meemoo before the ingestion ended.
  • Automatic submission routine for archiving in Meemoo.
    • RODA should only submit the AIPs for archiving in meemoo after the ingestion is successfully completed, so this procedure has been removed from the ingest workflow and a server routine has been added to verify and send the AIPs that can be archived automatically after ingestion.
  • Auto submission parameter.
    • Added an option in the ingest workflow and a new parameter in the dropfolder mechanism to inform if the ingested AIP can be automatically submitted by the server routine.
  • D14 AIP update support.
    • D11 plugin enrichment to support updates of AIPs archived in Meemoo (for example after it was restored and then manually changed).
    • The update process in this iteration is manual, so when the user updates the AIP in RODA the submission plugin for archiving in Meemo must be executed.
    • Meemo will receive this updated AIP and create a new object, keeping all previous versions.
  • RODA working directory
    • RODA’s working directory had to be moved out of the container as a user tried to ingest a SIP with more than 50GB and the working directory ran out of space.
  • Unoconv.
    • Added configuration to support wordperfect files.

Iteratie 3


  • Object PREMIS does not register contentLocation in the storage element.
  • Object PREMIS does not include global UUID reference as objectIdentifierValue.
  • Progress of the submission plugin for Meemoo reached 200%.
  • RODA-In: Loading metadata from one dir ignores parent level IPs.
  • Fixity information computation to report SKIPPED.
  • Ingest failing with NPE.
  • Attributes not found error when submitting to meemoo.
  • PREMIS XML-files exported from RODA contain character ":", forbidden on Windows bug.
  • AIP (UU)ID should be mapped to scalaID in VIAA sidecar.
  • LocalID in SCALAMD should be mapped to LocalID in VIAA sidecar.
  • Cannot search on "date created" in RODA.
  • IP type should default to E-ARK2 - Collection.
  • AIP representation METS header ads "contentinformationtype" (default?) "mixed".
  • RODA-in not accepting .gslides.
  • Reminder: We will need ead's unitid field in our standard export of AIPs.
  • Error unzipping file (large SIP).
  • EAD description level defaults to "Collection".
  • Can't filter AIPs by plugins used.
  • GUI search does not support queries combining file metadata with intellectual entity and representation metadata.
  • No local ID added in meemoo metadata.
  • SIP ID used as SCALA ID instead of AIP ID.
  • Plugins to run after unpruning.
  • Plugins run succesfully on pruned AIP.
  • No METS created when storing to meemoo.
  • Use of PUID (Pronom PUID) for (document/image/...) conversion.
  • Ingest fails using RODA-In 2.4.0 SIPs on RODA 4.0.3.